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Specializing in Innovative Green Cleaning Technologies

With over 25 years of experience in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry, CleanTec provides our customers with environmentally-preferable cleaning equipment, products and comprehensive planning services.

We truly believe in cleaning for health — for the planet, our customers and their teams. The result is improved standards of cleanliness in your facility, significant labor savings, conservation of resources, mitigating pollution, reducing waste, improving efficiency and protecting human health.

We’re constantly searching, testing and evaluating new ways to solve old problems and are dedicated to protecting natural resources and promoting sustainability while delivering the best cleaning power available today.

Go Green When You Clean

Solutions for Every Industry

Our commercial and industrial expertise includes working with warehouses, distribution facilities, food processing plants, educational facilities, federal institutions, state and local municipalities, health care facilities, entertainment facilities, airports, wineries, specialty contractors as well as maintenance and facility managers from a wide spectrum of industries.



A leader in new product innovation with a focus on creating durable, long-lasting products that make cleaning easier, faster, and more sustainable.

Dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and exceed the expectations of our customers with a reliable, easy-to-use, and service friendly product portfolio.

Advance, part of the Nilfisk Group, is a leading global provider of commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. Offering a full line of innovative floor cleaning machines.

MoeClean offers unprecedented durability, longevity and effectiveness. Invest in your own LittleMoe and it will serve you without issue for years to come.
Flexible hose, ducting & accessories used in industrial and commercial applications involving air, fume, dust and lightweight material handling.
Innovative, low moisture orbital floor care systems that can put an end to the most common problems found in residential and commercial cleaning.
These portable extractors are perfect for those hard to reach jobs, high rise jobs, or as a back-up machine that emulates the cleaning performance of a truckmount.
Innovative solutions for maintenance professionals, including Dilution Control, School Maintenance, Green and Floor Care.
Helping businesses achieve the highest level of cleanliness and sanitizing possible utilizing state-of-the-art dry steam technology.

Innovators in compact cleaning with a range of machines designed for professional use, offering the user faster cleaning while achieving outstanding results.

A wide range of products and systems that allow for efficient, modern cleaning in sanitation, healthcare, education, retirement, commercial buildings and hospitality facilities.

Get the cleaning power you need at prices you can afford. Our inventory of used cleaning equipment includes models by the best manufacturers in the industry, ready to operate at peak performance.

Strategic Partnerships

We've formed strategic alliances with the industry's most reputable cleaning equipment manufacturers, specialty product companies, wholesalers and unique parts suppliers.

Serving the Bay Area and Northern and Central California

From Antioch to Visalia, we proudly serve the Bay Area, Northern and Central California and Northern Nevada.

Achieve Long-Term Sustainability Goals

From choosing more eco-friendly chemicals to reducing your water usage and emissions, we connect you with the most current strategies for achieving long-term sustainability goals.

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